Just Browsing for October 10, 2013

Just Browsing for October 10, 2013

news on writing, publishing, and books from around the web…

+ This morning it was announced that Canadian Alice Munro had won the Nobel Prize for Literature. Known as the master of the contemporary short story, Munro becomes the 13th woman to win the award. The last American to win the award was Toni Morrison in 1993.

+ The New Yorker was kind enough to tell you which books you should pick up this month.

+ According to ISBN distributor Bowker, there were 391,000 books self-published in 2012, up 59% from 2011. As MediaBistro notes, “Out of all the ISBNs counted in 2012, 40 percent were self-published books. Back in 2007, only 11 percent of ISBNs were for self-published books.”

+ Author Malcolm Gladwell opens up to the New York Times about the books and authors he has been reading lately. His latest, David and Goliath, released last week.

(Also: He talks here with Sarah Pulliam Bailey about how he drifted away from faith and how writing David and Goliath book brought him back in.)

+ A few weeks ago our very own Callie Ferguson told you the book she was most looking forward to reading was Veronica Roth’s Allegiant. Turns out she’s not the only one. Amazon announced this week that the still-unreleased finale for the trilogy is outselling the “Hunger Games” finale in its first month of preorders by a factor of five to one. (h/t L.A. Times)

+ Author Hugh Howey tells CopyBlogger “How He Writes” in this great interview. Howey’s self-published thriller, Wool, has sold more than a half-million copies. The print rights have been purchased by Simon and Schuster and the film rights have been purchased by Ridley Scott.

+ Renowned literary agent Andrew Wylie made some disparaging remarks about Amazon, the Kindle, commercial fiction, and basically anything having to do with writing. He appears to be a cranky fellow.

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